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We are a specialized CPA firm focusing on fraud investigation and Controller / CFO support services for small to mid sized businesses.  

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Controller & CFO Support Services (C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnership) including Bookkeeping, Payroll and CFO-Advisory assistance.  (Note: Business tax strategy & tax preparation included with Bookkeeping services.)

Legal Incorporation & Organization Services (INC, LLC, PC, PLLC)


Personal Tax Strategy & Preparation for high income wage earners

Tax Plans & Pro Forma Tax Projections (*existing clients only)


Forensic Accounting, Analysis & Hidden Asset Searches 

International / Bi-Lingual (Spanish) consulting for Internal Controls & SOX analysis & testing




From UVA to a local public accounting firm, from the local firm to becoming the controller of multi-million dollar business, from the small business to a fortune 50 corporate giant, and from the corporate giants back to his own specialized CPA firm.  Justin has honed and diversified his skills as an accountant in a variety of settings.  Now he puts his two decades of accounting experience from both the public and private sectors at work for you.


A seasoned professional and full charge bookkeeper, Tabitha is one of your first points of contact for bookkeeping, payroll, and year-round client reporting liaison.  She has completed the AFSP certification and is therefore recognized and registered as a tax preparer by the IRS and is authorized with IRS-defined representation rights. 


Graduate of UNC with a Masters in Accountancy, Camron has spent the last 15 years in Public Accounting honing his skills in Tax Preparation and Strategy.  He heads up our Wilmington office and is highly regarded in the area for his tax law knowledge. He has built a solid basis of business / corporate clients and is one of the few CPAs that specialize in Estate and Trust taxation.


An experienced accounting professional and bookkeeper, Dongqin is one of your first points of contact for all of our bookkeeping, payroll, and submission of tax documents.  He has completed the AFSP certification and is therefore recognized and registered as a tax preparer by the IRS and is authorized with IRS-defined representation rights. 


Faulkner Mosca & Associates PLLC [FMA-PLLC] is the business evolution of Justin Mosca CPA PLLC & JM Tax & Financial Accounting originally founded in 2001.  In 2020 we acheived a new milestone when Camron Faulkner CPA joined the firm and we merged our practices and client base. 

FMA-PLLC & predecessor companies have seen tremendous growth in recent years.  We attribute this growth to our clients leaving positive reviews and testimonials online, and frequently providing referrals to their friends and family. For us, this is one of the highest compliments our clients can give us.

As we continue moving forward our goal is not to grow bigger and bigger as many other firms before us have done. Instead we have to consciously chosen to hone our craft and to continue to refine the winning formula that has brought us this far. We believe that a business centered on customer service, personal attention, enthusiasm, and ethics will always be successful. We truly believe that if we can make our clients successful, than our clients will in turn make us successful.



Your opinion is important to us. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of our reviews. Clients are our top priority and we believe our past client testimonials prove it.   

“I have only begun to work with Justin Mosca... So far, so good.”

- Angie's List member 

“It took him about a week to do it. We were pleased with him. We had him do our taxes last year, and this year he had gotten more web based, we didn't need to go to the firm, we just emailed or faxed everything and it was pretty easy.”
- Angie's List member 

“We found him on Angie's List. We are really happy with him.” - Angie's List member 

“Very well. They did a great job, explained everything, provided a timely appointment, and also e.filed my returns.”
- Angie's List member

“They were able to schedule appointment less than a week after I contacted them. They were friendly and knowledgeable.”

- Angie's List member

“Being new to the area I relied on Angie's list to find a tax consultant. Justin was at the top of the list so I scheduled an appointment. Justin was able to answer all my tax questions and provided sample estimates of taxes for several different tax situations. Justin was very professional and enabled me to make an informed decision about my situation. He also suggested an excellent restaurant in the area as well.”
- Angie's List member

“Very professional and pleasant experience.”

- Angie's List member

“I recently moved to North Carolina from Missouri , and needed someone to help me prepare my 2011 income taxes. Justin was professional, and highly knowledgeable in all things relating to taxes and tax preparation. I had to pay federal taxes and the income taxes for two states ( NC and MO). Moreover, I have numerous investments and receive consulting income in addition to my regular salary. Justin was able to help me navigate through all of these issues, and all of my taxes were filed electronically. I couldn't be happier with his services.”
- Angie's List member

“I found Justin on Angie's List with A ratings and after I read all the comments I became very impressed. I wasn't confident with our previous tax preparers, so I felt that trying him with these terrific ratings was worth a try. I was pleasantly surprised that all the good things I had read about him were true. I thought I brought all the necessary materials for him to do our taxes, but he asked questions about why certain previous returns were the way they were. I emailed many reports to him which he looked in to. Then he advised me as how to proceed and what my options were. What I really liked was that he made me feel like I mattered. He explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. He has no idea how much that meant to me. We are just regular people, not a business and I believe Justin treats everyone the same. I would highly recommend him and plan on going back next year.”
- Angie's List member

“Justin is a skilled, knowledgeable accountant whose expertise ranges from personal to business accounting advice and services. During our first meeting, I gave him some papers that I had brought with me (from PA) estimating income so far this year. He took copious notes and was very nice. I asked him how much I owed for this 1.5 hours, and he said that it was an introductory meeting to get to know each other, and he would not charge me for this. He emailed me asking for my prior year's tax return, and within a few days we had a long conversation on the phone. Justin had made projections for me on taxes, and we discussed how I need to put aside money until the end of the year. Although the amount of taxes I owe is daunting, he assured me that we can work together to get on top of it. We again discussed the possibility of my starting a business rather than work as a 1099 freelancer. He did a very thorough analysis and will advise me regularly once I move to W-S in January. What I particularly like is the fact that he presents several options for each aspect of my financial "mess" and gives me total confidence that he will be a trusted adviser to me and will do the best possible job on my finances. I asked him to send me an invoice for the projections and the time we spent on the phone, and he said he will start charging me once I move to W-S in January. He is trustworthy, intelligent, helpful and very, very nice. He also went out of his way to meet with me when I was last in W-S, after hours, so we could get started discussing my financial issues. I am not saying that he gives his services away, but he wanted to establish a relationship with me first, before we begin a regular business relationship. I don't want anyone to infer that he will give out free advice. He is a businessman, but he is fair and very friendly to the small business owner. I would recommend Justin to anyone looking for an accountant for any aspect of their business or personal finance. Thank you Angie's List for helping me find a wonderful accountant on the first try.”

- Angie's List member

“I found this CPA favorable rating on Angie's List and called his office on 2/3/11 to engage his services to do our 
personal/business taxes. My call was handled by a receptionist who explained that Mr. Mosca was with a client and suggested that I leave a detailed message on his voicemail so that he could return my call. His voicemail greeting stated he was unavailable to take the call and said to leave a message and phone number. I did leave a message and stated my name and phone number at the beginning and end of the message. However, Mr. Mosca never returned the call. UPDATE: 4/2011 Shortly after the above posting Mr. Mosca called me to explain that following further investigation to my comments he discovered that my initial voicemail went to an unused voicemail. After apologizing he offered to meet with me and discuss our needs. We subsequently engaged his services and are very satisfied with his performance and will gladly continue as his clients. His knowledge, advice, and responsiveness are commendable.”
- Angie's List member

“I would recommend Justin Mosca & Associates to anyone who is looking for a hard-working and knowledgeable CPA. Justin met with me for a free consultation, took me out and paid for my lunch, and he brought along some materials he had researched before our meeting. He even went home that evening and did a little extra digging & called the IRS to find out about a specific question that I was wondering about. Justin is very personal, professional, and easy to talk to. I look forward to working with him and would highly recommend him as an accountant.”
- Angie's List member

“Justin Mosca & Associates has been very helpful to me and is a key advisor for my small business. I have reached out to them numerous times to discuss ways that my small business can save money, reduce tax liabilities, improve my marketing & branding image, and effectively manage business growth. I will continue to seek their advice going forward.”
- Angie's List member

“He broke an overwhelming task down into manageable pieces that I could systematically tackle. The end product was a key cornerstone in our now thriving business. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of accounting expertise.”
- Angie's List member

“Excellent, Justin has been very professional and knowledgeable in all our dealings. I will definitely continue to seek his advice!”

- Angie's List member

“The highest compliment I can give Justin is the fact that he actually makes paying taxes fun. My taxes are a bit on the challenging side, but Justin has never once made me feel like he couldn't do them or made me feel like he didn't have time to complete them. In all my years of working with accountants Justin is the first one who actually covered all the bases, listened to my concerns and answered all my questions on an individual level. Everyone has unique tax circumstances and he will tailor your accounting for your situations.”
- A Google user 

“Needing some help with our business taxes this year, we decided to go with Justin Mosca after a free consultation. Very impressed with his accounting/business knowledge and a very creative guy when it comes to understanding tax laws. He is professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend his services.”
- A Google user 

“Justin is incredible, fast, professional, reasonable and extraordinarily sharp, I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

- A Google user 

“Very professional and eager to answer any questions and to provide advice for me to position myself in the ever changing tax environment. Highly recommended!!!!”
- A Google user 

“Phenomenal Experience! This is the second year I have utilized Justin Mosca and Associates, and I will continue to return. They have all the necessary skill and experience to answer any question or advise on any tax subject, while still maintaining the “white glove experience” for the customer. Justin was able to lower my personal tax liability, help me set up tax strategy for my fledgling small business, and show me deductions I was unaware of for my primary employment and rental property. I cannot stress enough my recommendation of Justin Mosca and Associates!”
- A Google user 

“I will never use TurboTax again. Justin was very thorough in his work. He was able to save me more money than I thought possible on my taxes. I will definitely be going back again next year for his services. Thanks again!”
- A Google user 

“Justin’s attention to detail made all the difference in our tax return. For years my husband and I have done our taxes online thinking that we were covering all the bases; we thought that the online software was asking all the necessary questions….we were wrong. With Justin Mosca’s knowledge, our tax liability was lowered due to deductions that we were not aware therefore increasing our refund. Going the route of using a CPA is certainly the way and anyone reading this should feel confident choosing Justin Mosca as their guy.”
- A Google user 

“First time customer here. Justin is knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, and professional. Made my tax preparation easy. Would recommend to anyone.”
- A Google user 




Winston Salem Mailing Address: 

500 W 5th St., Ste 800 PMB1020
Winston-Salem, NC 27101





Wilmington Mailing Address: 

1213 Culbreth Dr. #463

Wilmington, NC 28405





Office Hours:                                                                                                          Monday - Friday  
(by teleconference appointment only)                                                          9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


FYI - our client roster stays quite full and therefore we are not always able to take on new clients.  However we give extra consideration to those who have been referred by existing clients.  Please be sure to include the name of the person that referred you so that we may take this into account.

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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